Animal welfare: the lack of industry and consumer warranty

He founded a company focused on the scientific gaps in the production processes of the animal food industries. The work consists in validating the desensitization systems in refrigerators, mainly in Europe.

Formed by the Lutheran University of Brazil (Ulbra), in Rio Grande do Sul, the veterinarian Leonardo de La Vega, who has been studying the welfare of production animals for more than 10 years, is at the forefront of an important advance in medicine Veterinary. Together with researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP), he developed an equipment capable of capturing the electric brain signal of animals at the time of slaughter. With this, it is possible to monitor if the animal has felt pain and, thus, to guarantee the humanitarian slaughter in the industry.

Living in Dublin, Ireland, Vega, who is also a member of the Animal Welfare Commission of the Brazilian Association of Animal Proteins (ABPA) and a researcher at University College Dublin (UCD), told Veterinary & Animal Science magazine how his innovative work comes Showing results in practice. (…) ”

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