Market articulation

With over 15 years of experience in the field of institutional market articulation, our team of specialists works to articulate technical, commercial and institutional demands with food suppliers and buyers.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Technical-institutional reports regarding the actions between Brazil and the markets with which it keeps discussions for commercial opening.
  • Technical representation in business prospecting projects, as well as in integration plans.
  • Interaction and negotiation with public and private institutions in solutions of decision-making process and in the daily coordination, seeking the defense of interests and business of the clients.
  • Support in processes of qualification of industrial plants in new markets, as well as for the development of specifications of products and processes, and quality systems.
Services for the Buyer
  • Identification and development of new suppliers
  • Location of specific products and other specific products
  • Quality and food safety audits, including in the scope the pathogen and waste control.
Services for the Supplier
  • Identification of buyers in markets of interest
  • Development and adaptation of the plant to meet specific requirements
  • Development of products to meet market demands
Development of projects on demand

Our team of collaborators has extensive experience in the development of projects on demand in Brazil and abroad. Consult us to know our success cases and to know how we can help your company.