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F&S CONSULTING is a consulting company highly specialized in solutions for the food industry. We operate in the areas of Animal Production and Agricultural Sustainability; Food Production, Quality and Safety; Regulatory Affairs; Technological Innovation & Data Analytics.

We have a professional network that is linked to important universities in Brazil and abroad, in addition to having market specialists with extensive experience in the food industry.

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Our focus is entirely on our client’s business. This work philosophy allows us to provide high quality services, with individualized attention and customized solutions in a relationship of absolute commitment to our contractors.

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Agricultural production and sustainability

Improvement of production systems, improving animal welfare and increasing profitability in the value chain.

Food production, quality and safety

Implementation of management tools, preparation for national and international certifications, risk analysis and management, pathogen prediction and control.

National and international regulatory affairs

Assistance on regulatory affairs for the entire production chain, ensuring the capture, analysis, clarification and dissemination of all national and international legislation.

Technological innovation and Data Analytics

Development of integrated and customized solutions for the challenges of industry 4.0 in Agribusiness.


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